Export GSC Data For All Properties Using GSC API

Ever wanted to export Google Search Console data for all of your verified properties? With this Python script you can do it without manually exporting anything!

How it works

This script uses the amazing SearchConsole module for Python. Once logged in with the credentials we make a call to get all verified properties in Google Search Console.

Using a for loop we make a call to the API and export data for each verified property. To export it to a CSV we need to edit the name so we remove a single slash before exporting it to the downloads folder on your computer.

Simple script but does the job!

How can you use this script?

1. Go to my Github and download the script.

2. Go to Google Cloud Console

  • Make a new project
  • Enable the Google Search Console API
  • Make an OAuth consent screen
  • Create Credentials > OAuth client ID
  • Save credentials as .json
  • Rename file to client_secrets.json and put it in the same folder as the script

3. Run the script!

4. Analyze your data 🙂

P.S. I don’t know the exact limits of the API so the script waits 20 seconds before every call, you can remove or lower it but you can get banned (temporarily).

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